How to Make Money From Facebook : Earn Money Online

  With over 2.5 billion user-base, Facebook is a great option to earn money online.  In fact, it is not as difficult to make money using Facebook as many people think. Facebook is an excellent option with the Facebook group, page, marketplace and a great advertisement and marketing to target its huge user-base. Here in this article, we are discussing the best way you can earn money online using Facebook . How to Earn Money From Facebook There are many ways to earn money using Facebook. All you need a Facebook niche group or a Facebook page. Before telling you all the tips, you need to know this first. To earn from Facebook or any other social media platform first, you need an audience who will buy your product or services. But only a huge audience is not enough. You need a rightful audience who interest in your niche. The conversion rate will be high if more of your audience is interested in your niche.  So my opinion that I follow is either select audience who interest in your niche o

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