6 Easy Work From Home Jobs During This Lockdown And After This Lockdown

 6 Easy Work Form Home Jobs

Work from home is the only option to survive in the lockdown time to earn money online from home. Here I have 6 easy work from home jobs for you that you can do during the lockdown and also after lockdown. You can expand these jobs as your full-time earning source. These are the few opportunities that I have found in my short time research. But there are many ways to make money by work from home jobs. Just find out your interest and skill. If you do not have the skill, start learning. 

6 Work From Home Online Jobs

In the below jobs, you don't need to search for content. You just need your skill and time. Others will think about the content you will help them to expand. In online jobs, if you have skill does not matter who you are, a student, a housewife or anyone. It does not matter where you are from. You need skill, a computer or mobile device and an internet connection.

1. Video Editing for Youtuber and Brands

Video Editing is the most demanding jobs at this time, and its demand will increase day by day. Nowadays, video content is most popular than writing content, and people want to watch videos instead of reading in every field. Mainly video content in social media like Youtube, Facebook Video and now short videos are becoming popular. 

Work Form Home Jobs

Many Youtuber, video creator and brand content creator do not have enough time to edit their video. They want someone to edit their video. If you have knowledge of video editing, you can approach them. Firstly approach a Youtuber with your skill and work. When you get your first job, try to convince other Youtuber with that reference. In this field, there are many ways to expand your career. With practice, you can become a professional video editor. If you are good at your work, someone can hire you for a full-time job.
For starting, you can charge ₹500-₹1000 for a 5min video. My recommendation will be to first show them your work by edit the first 4-5 videos for free. So they can trust your work.

2. Content or Script Writing for Creator or Brands

If you love writing content, story, If your imaginary level is excellent, you can set up a story on a situation basis, which can be best for you. Many Youtube video creator collaborate with a brand, and they need a script to promote the brand's product. Also, many brands want to promote their product through video, and they need a script.
You can approach Youtuber to give them a script. They will make a video on your script and pay you for writing.
You can approach many brands to write a script for their product promotion.

3. Transcription: Video to Article and Article to Video

Many Youtuber wants their own website, but they don't have enough time to write a blog. They are just to shoot a video. They have content and don't have time to write it into a blog. You can approach them to write a blog from their video then publish it on their website. They will earn money from blogging, and you will get paid for transcription. Here you don't need to think for content and search for content. Those Youtuber already have content in their video. You just watch their video and write it into an article.
In the same way, many bloggers have their own content in article form. Approach them that you can make a video from their article. But the video will be a voice-over video.
You can earn ₹1000-₹5000 for one transcription. And it will take a maximum of 5-7 hours.

4. Post Creator / Carousel Creator

You can make one or more summary post (carousel post) from a video or article topic in the same way as transcription. You need to watch a full video, write down the main points, and create a post on this point. This YouTuber will post their video on social media handle.
6 Easy Work Form Home Jobs During This Lockdown

You can charge ₹50-₹100 per post or carousel creation. And it will take 10 to 20 min for post creation.
Best website and App to create a beautiful post or carousel CanvaPixalLab App for Android

5. Voice Over Artist

As per the previous transcription job, many bloggers wants to make a video from their article content. And also many video creator needs a voice-over artist for their video. If you have a good voice, you can do this job. For content creation, you don't need to act like a voice-over artist in movie dubbing. Just speak in a way that the viewers can listen clearly.

6. Video Subtitle Creation

The subtitle on video has increased the quality of video and increase viewer engagement. But video creator doesn't have time to write a subtitle for their own video. They want to hire someone to do this job. You need to watch the video and write subtitle on every time slabs. Sometimes subtitle language may the same as video language, and sometimes you need to write in translated subtitle language  (Video language is Hindi, but subtitle need to be in English)
You can earn ₹1000-₹2000 for one 5-10 min video subtitle creation.
This will take a maximum of 3-4hours for one video subtitle creation.


Try to identify your skill and interest and also try to identify someone need. During this Lockdown, don't waste your time. If you do not have any of the above skill, learn them. If you want to learn genuinely, it will take a maximum of 2 weeks. And if you fail, just remind yourself that you don't wish to learn; just leave it. This is not the only work you can do. There are thousands of home-based work you can do; just find them. 
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