Best Free Video Editing Software for Beginners : Windows Movie Maker

If you are a Youtuber, Student or Officer and you need the Best Video Editing Software for your Youtube Video, school project or office presentation. But you don't want to spend money to buy video editing software. Here we have a solution for you, the Best Free Video Editing Software for Beginners, and the main thing is that it is free and easy to use, that is, Movie Maker.

Best Free Video Editing Software for Beginner

What is the Basic Works in a Video Editing Software

The Basic works in Video Editing Software are to trim video clip and merge two more video clips. Making a video from two or more photos. Add a transition between two pictures and videos. Change filter like brightness, contrast, saturation etc. Add some shape, text and edit them with animations. 

This is how basic Video Editing Software works. But for a professional user, you need professional Video Editing Software, and that will be paid software. For a beginner to start editing, free software is enough for editing. You can start learning basic editing quickly with free software after you can think about purchasing paid software depending on your need.

Movie Maker

Movies Maker is a free, easy to use, powerful, full packaged Video Editing or Creating Software. The most important matter is that it is free for a lifetime without any watermark. Windows Movie Maker is developed for Windows OS and Mac OS, for Windows XP support to the latest Windows version. After editing, you can save output video in any format and any quality. Even you can save a video file into an audio file for conversion from a video file to an mp3 file. In Windows Movie Maker, you can share your output video directly to Youtube, Facebook etc.

How To Download and install Movie Maker

1. Click below and download Movie Maker for your computer
    Download Windows Movie Maker for Windows user
    Download Mac Movie Maker for Mac User

2. Double click the downloaded file: windows-movie-maker.exe. Then click "Yes" to run.

3.Then Click the "Next" button to continue installation progress. Select "I accept the agreement" to continue. You can read the agreement before accepting.

4. Now select the folder where you want to install Windows Movie Maker, click the "Install" button to install.

5. Checked "Launch Windows Movie Maker" and click on "Finish" to open Movie Maker immediately, or you can uncheck  "Launch Windows Movie Maker" to open it later.

Windows Movie Maker Tutorial

Here in this video, I'm making a tutorial video of Windows Movie Maker.

(Note: This video is in the Hindi language)

Special Features in Windows Movie Maker

  • No Watermark.
  • Video Stabilization Option.
  • Direct sharing option to social media or cloud.
  • Add narration.
  • Save video HD quality and also for email and website upload quality.
  • A large list of output quality option and custom setting also available.
  • Intro and Outro video option

In conclusion, we can say that Windows Movie Maker is the best video editing and creating software for the beginner.


  1. There are plenty of free video editing programs out there that beginners might enjoy getting their hands on. One of my personal favorites is Windows Movie Maker which is perfect for someone who wants to keep it simple while still having access to some basic editing tools. There are SO many video editing programs out there- it can be tough to choose the right one. To help you out, I'm going to review some of the top video editing software for beginners!

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