DP Full Form | What is the Full Form of DP

DP Full Form? What does DP stand for? This type of question about DP may arise in your mind when you heard about DP from your friend like Facebook DP, WhatsApp DP etc. But there are two types of full form that are most popular for DP. first is most useful. Most people talking about this, i.e. Display Picture and the second one is Data Processing. Both of them have their unique features. Let's see whats does both DP stand for.

1.Display Picture (DP)

DP stand for Display Picture. Display Picture is used as a highlighted photo of one person on any social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., a messaging site like WhatsApp, Signal etc, for visual identification of his/her account/ profile. It also used any website where offer user for account login like Gmail Account, Quora etc.

DP Full Form | What is the Full Form of DP

Display Picture defines how the account or profile owner looks for some owner authentication.
The display Picture should be bright and clear. You can crop, change contrast, brightness and add a filter. You can put other photos instead of your own photo on display. A Display Picture creates a visual impact on viewers or your contacts that they can identify who you are or actually this account originally belong to you or not.

2. Data Processing (DP)

Data Processing is a technique that helps the computer uses software to analyse, organise, manipulate and store data. Using the Data Processing technique, the software uses raw and original data to form a meaningful shape, graphics, reports by process the available data on that software. It is an automated programmatic transformer of raw data and meaningful output information. It helps you for better and fast work.
Example of some software that uses the Data Processing technique strongly, that's are MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint etc.
DP Full Form | What is the Full Form of DP

Data Processing includes the following process.
  • Validation: Used to ensure that incoming data is correct, helpful and harmless.
  • Sorting: Used to arrange data in a predefined sequence.
  • Analysis: Used for the specialised, highly accurate and statistical calculating algorithm.
  • Summarisation: Used to reduced details data into root point
  • Classification: Used to separate data into different category.
  • Aggregation: Used to combine multiple data.


There are many full forms of DP in the different sector but the most notable DP are Display Picture and Data Processing. Some of the other full forms of DP are:
Diploma Programme in Education
Discount Price in Business
Distribution Panel in Electrical
Disciplinary Punishment in Jail
Display Port in Resolution
Density-independent Pixels in Android also written as DIP

in this article we covered What is DP?, DP Full Form, What is Display Picture, What is Data Processing. if you have any queries or suggestion please comment below.