How to Earn Money From WhatsApp | Complete Guide


How to Earn Money From WhatsApp

How to earn money online? How to earn money from WhatsApp? Is it possible to make money from WhatsApp? Yes, It is possible to make money from WhatsApp if you really want to earn money from WhatsApp. Make money using WhatsApp is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. Read this article thoroughly, it will help you to understand how to make money online using WhatsApp.

I am not saying that you can earn huge money and become very rich with this online money making idea. But, You can earn 5,000 to 10,000 rupees monthly from WhatsApp. This will be your part-time job, you have to give just 1 hour a day to WhatsApp and Internet.

After that, you can make an online income from WhatsApp very quickly. Once you start earning money in WhatsApp Marketing, then it will increase day by day. I'm going to tell you all the trick by which I made money using WhatsApp Marketing.


1. First, You must have many WhatsApp Contact Number

If you want to make money from WhatsApp, you must have a minimum of 1500-2000 WhatsApp Contact Number. If you don't have the number or don't know how to collect WhatsApp Numbers, then follow my tricks.

Facebook - On Facebook and Facebook groups, you can post that you will provide a service. To avail of the service, the reader needs to contact you on WhatsApp or share their WhatsApp number. For example, write on Facebook or Facebook group with your number or WhatsApp link "If Anyone Needs Bank Exam Preparation Note And Last Year Answer Key, Then Message On This WhatsApp Number or Drop Your WhatsApp".

WhatsApp Groups - Many WhatsApp groups share their group invitation link on social media site like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Join their group, and you can get the WhatsApp numbers in bulk quantity.

2. You should know about  Affiliate Marketing 

There are very few people who actually know What is Affiliate Marketing? But this is the most popular way to Earn Money Online by Sitting at Home. Many intelligent people earning in lakhs from Affiliate Marketing. Those who can not store product to resell or do not have money to start a product selling business are making money from Affiliate Marketing. You can also earn lakhs of money from Affiliate Marketing. 

How to Make Money From WhatsApp

In Affiliate Marketing, you need to first register yourself as an affiliate Marketer in an online e-commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. And this is free of cost registration. Then you have to sell the product or service online by sharing your Affiliate Link anywhere you can. There are seamless places to share, and then when anyone clicks your affiliate link and purchase the product, you will get a commission.

For example, if some purchase a watch by your Amazon Affiliate Link, Then Amazon will pay you a commission amount in percentage. This percentage could be 1% to 20%, depending on category and e-commerce company percentage structure. If the percentage is 10% and the product price is 1000 rupees, your commission will be 100 rupees.

How to Earn Money Fast From WhatsApp

If you know Affiliate Marketing and have a huge number of WhatsApp contact number, you can earn money fast from WhatsApp in many ways. 

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is the best and easy way. First, Register yourself as an Affiliate Marketer on an online e-commerce website. Then by e-commerce website's Affiliate tool, create your product Affiliate link.

On the other hand, create WhatsApp Group or Broadcast on an interest basis. If you collect someone's WhatsApp Number for giving him any exam preparation note, create a group for all interested in exam-related things. If you collect someone,s WhatsApp Number from any Facebook or WhatsApp Agricultural Group, then create a WhatsApp for Agriculture related group and add those who are interested in Agriculture. And then share their interested related product affiliated link. 

For Example, Share competition book affiliate link in education and exam related WhatsApp group. Share and any agriculture medicine, seeds or any agricultural-related product link in Agriculture WhatsApp Groups.

When someone buys a product through your affiliate link, you will get your commission amount.

In the same way, you can much more product like shoes, clothes, mobile, electronics product etc., by just sharing your Affiliate Link on WhatsApp on WhatsApp Groups.

2. Direct Promotion

This is the other easiest way to earn money from WhatsApp. When you have a huge number of WhatsApp contact numbers. Then you can contact any blogger, product advertisement groups, App and Software Developer and share their product, service, app, software or article on your WhatsApp Groups.

If you know any App Developer, contact them and approach them that you have a huge WhatsApp Contact number, you will share their App on WhatsApp. When someone purchases their App, They will pay some money as a commission.

If you don't know any App Developer, Blogger or Product advertisement groups, then.

i. You can find them in any social networking site and social media site like Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube. Just contact them, approach them and start Direct Promotion.

ii. You can start approaching on any freelancing site like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr etc. Just post a request of WhatsApp Marketing, you will start getting many requests for Direct Promotion.

Now you know how to earn money online from WhatsApp. Now a day there are many WhatsApp Marketing Tool available in the market, which help to bulk messaging and bulk promotion If you any other ideas or queries, please comment below.


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