How to Make Money From Instagram

There are many ways to earn money from the internet, social media and networking sites; Instagram is one example. Today's world number of internet users and social media and social networking site's users are increasing day by day. And that why the chance to earn money from the internet and those sites are also growing respectively. All you need a good number of followers, no matter what is the platform is (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube). In this article, I am talking about Instagram Marketing. What's are the ways you can earn money from Instagram?

How to Make Money From Instagram

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo and video sharing application. Instagram has more than 1 billion users worldwide and 71% active monthly users.

Steps Follow Before Start Promotion

After installing and registering on Instagram, you need to follow the below steps.

Note that you can register yourself as an influencer or professional, or you can create a page in a specific niche (like a meme share page, a specific category photo share page etc.)

Write a Right Bio - First, write down the proper bio. a suitable bio means a bio with valuable information, profile related keywords with the hashtag. If you have any website, then put the website URL link in the bio. If you register yourself, then write down about your profession with hashtag like #blogger #youtuber.

Post Regularly - it makes your profile consistent that helps you increase follower. But don't post many photos and video in one day. 

Post Quality - is very important in Instagram. Try to take pictures and video in DSLR. Its make more attractive.

Important Hashtag - Whenever you post, use post related keyword. Its help your post to rank.

Engagement -  Consistent post and live chat will help you to keep attention on your page.

Instagram Reels - Now a day Instagram reels are most popular after the TikTok band. You can post more to more good Reels. Making Reels is an excellent idea to gain follower faster.

With these tips' help, if you have a minimum of 10K to 50K followers. When you have achieved this number of followers, you can start Instagram Marketing by the tips below.

Ways to Earn Money from Instagram

Affiliate Marketing

Join the Affiliate Program of Online Marketplaces. Through Affiliate Marketing, you not only earning money from Instagram but also you can make money from WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube, Blogging site and lots of ways. There are lots of products and service available in Affiliate Marketing.
You just need to create your account in all Online Marketplace's Affiliate Program (most popular marketplaces are Flipkart Affiliate and Amazon Associate) and share your Affiliate Link with Photos and Videos on Instagram. When someone clicks that link and purchase a product, you will get your commission.

How to Make Money From Instagram

Direct promotion -

When you have a large number of follower in your profile, you can make money from sponsor post of products and services photos or videos. All you need to approach brands for promoting their product and service on your Instagram, and brands will give you sponsorship money.

But, how can you approach brand, and where do you find them?
There are many websites where you can register yourself as a social media influencer and directly approach brands for sponsorship.

            * Sponsor Post

           * Brand Collaboration

           * Product or Service Review

These are the possibilities for direct promotion.

Sell Your Product -

If you have your own product, then you can promote it on Instagram. First, create your online shop and promote.
  • Post stories and Reels that connect to more audience
  • Post attractive photos of your products with your online shop link
  • Post games and challenges that grab your followers attention
  • Post your product short review

Social Media Consultant -

If you have excellent knowledge of managing Instagram Pages and other social media sites, you could have a great opportunity to become a Social Media Consultant.
Many Companies and Organisations think they will handle social media very easily. Still, after a period, they give up. and they searching for Social Media Consultant for their companies social media handle. Here you can provide your consultant service and get paid.

There are many ways to make money from Instagram

* Selling your photo or photo license to 500px and Tweenty20

* Sell your Instagram Page

Conclusion for how to make money from Instagram in India

There are lots of ways to earn money online. Instagram is one of them. Now Instagram is becoming the most popular Social media site, so don't miss this opportunity.

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