How to Find IMEI Number of any Android Device and iPhone

How to Find IMEI Number of any Android Phone and iPhone

How to Find IMEI Number? When your phone got stolen or lost, or you want to sell your old phone or registering a phone, you might be asked for an IMEI number. if you don't have the answer and desperately searching what is this Number and how can you find it, don't worry here the answer

 What is an IMEI Number?

An IMEI Number is a unique identifying number assigned to every Mobile Phone sold via an official channel and some Satellite Phone. This unique number is used to find a lost or stolen mobile phone.
Police require the IMEI Number when you reporting your stolen or lost phone. GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) needs your IMEI Number to find the valid device and block your stolen phone from accessing the network, depending on the local laws. After that, the phone is useless on that network and sometimes others network also, even if the thief changes the phone's SIM, its remain blocked.

Note that an IMEI Number was linked with a SIM slot. If a mobile has a dual SIm card slot, its have two IMEI Numbers. And a device without a SIM card slot or don't have any cellular connectivity usually don't have the IMEI Number.

What is the Full Form of IMEI no:

The Full Form of IMEI no is "International Mobile Equipment Identity."

How can You Find Your Phone's IMEI Number?

When you have the phone in your hand:

How to Check Phone's IMEI Number Using USSD Code

This is the simplest way to find out the phone's IMEI Number. This method works most of all feature phones and smartphone. Try this method first before searching all other places.

1. Open your phone's Dial Keypad

2. Dial *#06#

3. The IMEI Number will display on your phone's display. You can note it down or take a screenshot for future use.
Find IMEI Number of any Android Phone and iPhone

How to Check IMEI Number on the Your Phone

For iPhone users, if you have iPhone 4 or older iPhones, IMEI is printed on SIM Tray, and if you have iPhone 5 or newer iPhones, your device IMEI number is printed on its back panel.

For Android Users When you have your new phone, a white sticker was pasted on the backside of your phone with your phone's IMEI number printed on it.

On most of the phone with a removable battery, IMEI number is printed inside the phone under the battery.

How to Check IMEI Number via Your Phone's Settings

For Android user, go to Settings > About Phone > All Specs > Status > IMEI, you can see your phone's IMEI number. Also, you can click on the IMEI Number to see the IMEI information.

How to Check IMEI Number via Your Phone's Settings

For iPhone user, open Settings > General > About and scroll down to IMEI.

How to Check Phone's IMEI number on Box / Bill

The IMEI number is always printed on your device retails box and bill. That's why you need to keep them safe for future use. In future, if you lost your phone, this box and invoice will help you most to find out your phone IMEI number and save you from an incredible hassle.

When you lost your phone:

How to Get IMEI Number a Lost Android Phone / How to Find IMEI Number Using Google account

Android users can find the IMEI number even if the phone was lost and don't have the retails box and bill. You Can Find an IMEI Number using a Google Account. All you need a Google account linked with your phone.

1. Log on to Google Dashboard with the Google account linked with your android phone.

2. Tab on  Android Device Manager

3. The IMEI will display with a registered android device. With this information, you can track your lost or stolen phone.

How to Get IMEI Number a Lost iPhone / How to Find IMEI Number Using iTunes

You can get the IMEI Number of your lost iPhones if you ever linked your iPhone with iTunes.

1. Open the iTunes > preferences tab if you are using a Macbook or the edit > preferences tab on iTunes' PC version.

2. Now, click on the devices button. Next, go to the Summary tab

3. Double click on the phone number your IMEI number will be visible.