How to Make Money From Facebook : Earn Money Online

How to Make Money From Facebook

 With over 2.5 billion user-base, Facebook is a great option to earn money online. In fact, it is not as difficult to make money using Facebook as many people think. Facebook is an excellent option with the Facebook group, page, marketplace and a great advertisement and marketing to target its huge user-base. Here in this article, we are discussing the best way you can earn money online using Facebook.

How to Earn Money From Facebook

There are many ways to earn money using Facebook. All you need a Facebook niche group or a Facebook page. Before telling you all the tips, you need to know this first.
To earn from Facebook or any other social media platform first, you need an audience who will buy your product or services. But only a huge audience is not enough. You need a rightful audience who interest in your niche. The conversion rate will be high if more of your audience is interested in your niche. 
So my opinion that I follow is either select audience who interest in your niche or understand your audience interest and then select a product.

1. Devlope an App for Facebook

Developing a Facebook App can be a powerful revenue source if you know how to make a beneficial Facebook Application. Understand and Develop a Facebook App sounds technical, and it's not an easy thing for everyone. But, if you have programming knowledge and knows about database system, you can start earning money by developing a Facebook App.
To get started
  • Go to Facebook App Developer and create a useful Facebook App
  • Get App approval from Facebook
  • Earn money by using it as a Freelancing Project
  • You can sell it to a third-party buyer
This revenue generates process difficulty is high, but you can earn unlimited by repeat this step.

2. Sell products or service on Facebook
With a huge user base, Facebook Marketplace is a better option to sell your product. And not only Facebook Marketplace, but you can also target your consumer and sell product or service to them via Facebook Group.

Steps to sell product from Facebook Marketplace

  • Open
  • Go to Marketplace and click sell something
  • List a product for sale with category
  • Select geographical area to target consumer
  • Take your products to live
selling any type of product and service, even spare parts its easy to present your product to use user-base of Facebook. One thing is to remember that a low priced product meant a lot of chance to sell it.

Steps to selling products from Facebook Groups

  • Open
  • Create or join a Facebook Group of your preferred niche ( related to your product)
  • Share your product details and buying link.
Facebook Groups is a great option to target those who are already interested in your product category; that's why your product conversion rate will be high. You can sell your own product or share your affiliate link. 

3. Social Media Influencer Marketing

In social media, not every influencer can start influencer marketing. A large number of follower is not mattered if your post can become dangerous for your follower or your post on sensitive issues about politics or religion.

This step will help you to understand how to become an Influencer Marketer

  • Select you niche in which you interested
  • Post daily content related to your niche
  • You can share your post on your niche related groups, or you can start paid advertisement.
  • Built a fan following base and create a regular engagement
  • Connect all your social media handle, it will help you to grow audience faster.
  • Then you can make money by paid promotion and recommendation
  • You can start affiliate marketing on a particular product

4. Affiliate Marketing
With many followers on any social media site, Affiliate Marketing is the best and easy way to earn money online. Here you don't need any physical product to sell, and you don't need to approach any brand. There is no limitation to select the product. There are many e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart etc. And also, every company, who sell their product or services online, start an Affiliate Marketing strategy to sell products. So there is many more opportunity in Affiliate Marketing, even what you cant imagine.
Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing in Facebook
  • Research about Affiliate Marketing in details
  • First, your Affiliate Account in e-commerce sites
  • Select your niche, create or join your niche related Facebook Groups or create a Facebook page.
  • Share your affiliate product link in every place, and when someone a buy product through your link, you will get a commission amount.
Note that just sharing affiliate link is not the right decision. You need to share affiliate link in the right place. Share only product niche related groups where people interested in your product.

5. Direct marketing
Direct Marketing is the other option of earning money from Facebook if your Facebook group has a good number of members or a Facebook page with a huge number of followers. You can approach brand for promoting their product. If your group or page is recognisable, brands will contact you. Promote their product or service for making money.

6. Sell Facebook Group or Page

If you own a Facebook Group or Page with many followers, you can earn money by all of the above tips, but there is another way to make money. In which many people earn money, just selling their Facebook group or page. Many people just create a Facebook group or page and set a goal to increase followers, and after a while, they just sell it. You can also do the same. There is a question that arises in your mind about how to sell?
You can post a selling article on your group or page.
Secondly, there are many websites where you can list your group or page.

7. Facebook video monetization

Maybe you heard about the Facebook Monetization program, or maybe not. You may have seen in many fan page video running ads before the Facebook watch launch.
So maybe you have a question what is Facebook Watch? Facebook Watch is a video-on-demand service launched for everyone to post ads on their video.
But like other monetization services like Youtube Video Monetization, you need to fulfil the terms and condition of Facebook Watch to be eligible.
  • All uploaded videos of your Facebook page must be at least 3 minutes
  • Your page must have a minimum of 10,000 followers
  • More than 30,000 viewers must have watched at least 1 minute content of your uploaded videos in the last two months.
Here in Facebook Earn In-Stream Ads, you can check the eligibility of your page for Facebook ads.

In Conclusion, I just told you guys that you need a niche-specific audience to earn from any social media site. That you help you earn faster.


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